Floofship (floofinition) – 1. A title of respect used to address an animal of regal manner or high standing.

In use: “Three cats shared the home with four days but only one cat was always addressed as ‘Your Floofship’ in recognition of her status within the floofhold.”

2. The state of affectionate companionship between animal and human, or between two or more animals.

In use: “Jennifer’s children had grown and begun their own families, and she’d been twice divorced, but now she found floofship with her dog, Uhtred, to be a most rewarding experience.”

3. A vessel or conveyance animals use to travel.

In use: “Every new moon, a floofship landed on Earth, delivering new animals to the planet, and taking others away for those ready to leave. So it had been since the first dinosaurs used a floofship to leave when they learned an asteroid was going to hit Earth over sixty-six million years ago.”

The All-Male Dream

To begin, we were in a huge, pale gray auditorium. A long and low empty stage, softly lit with white light, is across the front. The seating is set up in blocks that are thirty wide and twenty deep. The blocks were three wide across the auditorium but I don’t know how many blocks it went back. Every seat was being filled. Filling it were men of all races, but of about the same age range, in our mid-thirties. All are dressed neat, in business casual. I wore black jeans and a long sleeve maroon dress shirt. We were excited and happy because we’d finished a course and were graduating. Seating myself in the third from last row in the middle front block, ten seats in from the left, I was impressed by the event’s sheer magnitude.

We’d seated ourselves, quieted, and were waiting for the speaker to arrive and begin when an argument emerges between two men. They’re out in one of the broad aisles between the blocks. I know both of them in the dream, though they weren’t familiar from RL. As the argument rose, it appeared it was going to escalate into a fight. I went out there and separated them, talking them down from fighting and arguing, encouraging them to return to their seats.

I returned to my seat and sat. The speaker, a man in a suit, came on stage and began talking. He surprised me by mentioning my name and citing me for my leadership. I was hugely surprised, flattered, and embarrassed — I always prefer to avoid attention.

Then, in a dreamshift, the ceremony is over. I get into a car with my father. The car is a gold sixties muscle car with a black vinyl top, chrome wheels, and chrome straight pipes. I don’t know the make or model but it was a two door. It remined me of a GM product, maybe a Chevelle.

Dad is driving. We’re going to another event. We’re on a divided highway, four lanes in either direction. Dad is driving fast, which doesn’t bother me — he and I always drive fast. The highway twists and turns, rising and falling as it follows the land, but we’re driving through a city.

We come up on another car in the left land. The car looks almost identical to the one we’re in. As I’m commenting on that, Dad pulls up close on the other car. The driver applies his brakes. That infuriates Dad. The other driver is pissed but moves right to let us pass. I note to Dad that the guy — a younger driver, who has rolled his window down and is shaking his fist — is angry. Dad says it’s because we’re faster.

As we go to pass this guy, we find our way blocked by a stopped brown UPS truck. As Dad goes to drive around it, we see head on traffic coming. We’re astonished; why is there traffic coming from the other direction? Then, I look and see that we’re on the wrong side of the highway. But how did that happen? It’s not possible because there is a cement barrier dividing the two directions.

A pause in traffic goes. We go around the stopped truck. Looking back, I see other cars following us.

A dreamshift brings me into a large courtroom. I’ve been empaneled as part of a jury. There are only men present. I’ve been accepted as a juror after passing an oral examination. Others are being questioned. It’s a festive atmosphere. I realize that I’m there to judge entries and award prizes.

Dream end.

Monday’s Theme Music

The theme music from “Family Guy” is haunting the morning’s mental music stream today. I shall find something to exorcise it.

Today is Monday, March 21, 2022. We’re striding toward April.

April may be larger than it appears. February and January are fading in our mirrors. May and June are just around the bend, let’s hope by July we have peace in Ukraine again. Then it’s on to August, which translates to smoke and heat in these parts, followed by September, when local school starts. October comes with a fall, and then the holiday season starts to call. We’ll hear Christmas music in our ears by then, and many will grit their teeth and wish it ends. November brings Thanksgiving, and December brings Kwanzaa, Hannukah, and Christmas, and we’ll look back on the year and realized we missed much. Next thing you’ll know we’ll be counting down the time, and that’s it for me because I can’t think of another rhyme.

Ah. Need coffee.

It’s a dreary day beyond the window, trapped between spring and winter, drizzle and sunshine. The air’s moisture lends an extra taste of chilliness that brings out sweaters. Although the sun cracked our skies at 7:13 AM, it’s been muted by dingy blankets of clouds. It’s a surprise to learn the temp is 41 degrees F. The feel of this day brings back memories of being in the military, standing outside, stamping feet to stay warm, sniffing back dribbles from our noses, waiting for instructions about where we were to go and what we were to do. Back then, people were given permission to light ’em if you got ’em, so a crowd of folks in battle dress uniforms would be blowing smoke. Sunset will be at 7:24 PM.

A pause to consider the skies and hills beyond my mountain brought U2’s 1987 song, “In God’s Country”, into the morning mental music stream. For some reason, when I first though of the song, I thought, 1999, but sitting her, I went, what, wait? That came out when I was in Germany, which would have been in the late 1980s. I eventually pegged it as 1987 based on remembered conversations about it and where I listened to it. Also, in something that isn’t relevant, a neighbor has put a sheet up in their window. Why did they do that? It’s sort of a purply gray thing, just in the left side. I noticed it because the bottom looks like a giant face pressed against the window. It’s creepy.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, when needed, and get the shots. Here’s the music. Off for a cup of the dark hot brew that wakes me up. Cheers

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