Sunday’s Theme Music

It’s still March, although the number associated with it, 6, is new for the day. The year is still 2022.

Sunshine bulleted through the clouds and across the valley as the sun began striding in at 6:38 this Sunday AM. Sunshine and blue sky dominate but clouds lurk like an NFL hulking defensive line striding to the line of scrimmage meet my eye to the north and west. We started out chill but have jumped to 45 F and expect to reach 56 before the sun bows out at 1807.

I have a Firefall song from 1977, “Just Remember I Love You”, rattling around the morning mental music stream. This mellow melody is directly related to cats. Two sick ones are in residence. I got up a few times in the night, checking on them, feeding them, confirming signs of life. According to the net, Firefall has been active since the year I graduated from high school, 1974. I only know a few of their songs and they’re all light, adult contemporary rock.

Stay positive, test negative, wear thy mask as needed, etc. Excuse me, I’m getting some coffee now, m’kay? Enjoy the song. Cheers

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