Sunday’s Theme Music

Today’s theme music is from 1984, when Madonna was a new phenom.

I started streaming it because of a dream. In the dream, people were constantly chastising me for crossing the border, or crossing the lines, or crossing the borderlines. At first, I responded with confusion, telling them, I didn’t see, or, I didn’t know. Sometimes I apologized because they were upset. But as I grasped what they meant about borders and lines, I realized that they were the offensive ones with their false conformity-based or racially/sexually biased borders. As I encountered more people, I discovered more ridiculous borders and demands to recognize and accept the borders. That all pissed me off because their borders were predicated on childish fears and outlandish ideas. I was prompted to declare that I was against their borders, and I was going to cross them. That led to a huge, ugly, hostile confrontation.

So, awakening and thinking about the dream, I streamed a few things involving borders, like Taco Bell’s old commercial line, “Run for the border.” I then streamed a little CCR, “Better run through the jungle, and don’t look back to see.” But then, out of the morass came Madonna’s “Borderline”, which stayed and soothed.

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  1. That’s my whole effing problem with existence… with living. I can never fit just as I am, so I remould myself based of what I know, and thus there are “parts of me hidden” and secret. But… I didn’t see them as secret, they just didn’t fit the parameters of connection and friendship as dictated by them! Ugh.. I dunno.

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    1. I’m sorry to hear that, my friend. I think all of us remold ourselves in small, constant ways but most people keep it private. It sounds like your remoulding is a much larger and involved process.


      1. I can’t pretend to understand. I can hope to empathize and sympathize with you, and compare our experiences. It seems, on the surface, that I’ve been fortunate to find a little more balance, at least for here, at least for now, than you. But every day has its own hue.


  2. Oh, I love that early Madonna stuff. Coincidentally, I’ve just been watching “Crossing Lines” on Netflix, which is about a team of international police who investigate crimes across the European Union. It’s pretty good!

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