Floofosphere (floofinition) – Animals and their environment.

In use: “The home floofosphere was decorated by pet toys — a tennis ball and squeaky bone for the dogs, feathers, jingle balls, and toy mouse for the cats — along with beds, pillows, and a cat tree, where one cat stared down on the visitor, apparently irritated by their presence, possibly ready to go for the kill.”

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    1. So sweet and funny. Had a cat who loved plastic rings. He had a collection of them and would bring us one, drop it, tap it with his paw and then stare at us until we started playing with him. Cats are a great entertainment value, aren’t they?

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      1. I don’t know what it is about the cardboard rolls that fascinates Charlie so much. But when I try to throw them away, he goes and digs them out unless I give him a new one, lol. Are you sure were not THEIR entertainment? 🤔🙀😎

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