Homofloofic (floofinition) 1. A person who enjoys being with animals.

In use: “Homefloofic people searching the net often turn from doomscrolling to visiting with Fiona the Hippo or watching dog and cat videos.”

2. Animals who prefer human company and do not like other animals.

In use: “Some animals get along well with other animals, but Flash was homofloofic, happy and loving with her person, but totally aggro whenever another animal came around.”

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  1. I am a homofloof, for these days I far prefer the company of animals to that of most humans. Y’know … humans claim they are the superior species, but … I think not. Animals do not judge others by the colour of their fur, and they neither have nor need such a thing as ‘organized’ religion. I shall return to Earth as a wolf … I decided long ago I have had enough of humans and I think my spirit animal is 🐺

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      1. We have one floof who doesn’t like ANY of the others, though we’re not sure why. I feel sad for her, as she only likes one of the humans, my granddaughter. Yes, perhaps it will come to you in a dream … actually, I’m surprised it hasn’t already! Hugs!

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