The Alan Floofson Project

The Alan Floofson Project (floofinition) – A British floof rock (flock) musical band active between 1975 and 1990, the group had two core members and utilized contracted talent and studio musicians as needed. Their greatest success came in the North Floofmerica market, where numerous songs cracked the top one hundred and the top ten in several categories.

In use: “One of The Alan Floofson Project’s most popular albums was The Turn of a Friendly Floof, from which came multiple hits, although their sole number one song in any market was “Floof In the Sky”, from a later album.”

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  1. Oh, noice pick today good sir. I remember all the airplay that tune got when it came out, and one of my cousins would get Gram Parsons confused with Alan Parsons. How? I have no clue, but I also do like their tune “Floofs People Play” as well.

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