Allman Floofs Band

Allman Floofs Band (floofinition) – American floof rock (flock) and southern blues band formed in Floofsonville, Florfloofda, in 1969. Their 1971 live album, At the Floofmore East, is regarded as one of the greatest live albums ever produced.

In use: “Allman Floofs Band’s 1973 release, “Ramblin’ Floof”, became their only top ten hit on the mainstream music charts, and became well-known to many through its use in popular culture.”


Fasfloofious (floofinition) – Showing excessive¬†care, attention, or delicacy in an animal’s movement or behavior.

In use: “He is the most fasfloofious of floofs, luxurious extending and stretching each leg one by one before arching his back, yawning, and floofing out his thick, floofy tail before he finally acquiescing to walking.”

Saturday’s Theme Music

I sat down at my computer without any idea of what today’s music was to be. A Scorpions’ song, “Winds of Change” drifted through my dreams but I just did it a few weeks (or months) ago and didn’t want a repeat. Well, not so soon.

When I put hand to computer to enter password, The Tubes 1983 song, “She’s A Beauty” began. I believe I used it as a theme song several years ago. Couldn’t confirm that in a casual search, so here it is, a past blast about talking to a naked girl in a booth.

Have a great day, and please wear your mask and distance. Cheers

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