Floofdiction (floofinition) – a compulsive, A chronic, physiological, compulsive, or psychological need for being near or with an animal.

In use: “After acknowledging the limitations her floofdiction imposed on her travel, she established a hotel where each room could be provided a comfort animal from local fosters or shelters to help travelers missing their floofs.”

The Cats in the Back

The cats in the back

won’t cut me slack

with their lazy playing all day.

Eyeing the butterflies

watching the blue jays fly

they don’t care what I say.

Unless I call, “Hungry?”

Or, “Want a treat?”

Or, call another cat’s name.

Then they come runnin’

and give me some lovin’

Until I feed them or go away.

Eddie Floofey

Eddie Floofey (floofinition) – American floof and roll singer, songwriter, and musical performer who found success in the 1970s and 1980s, crafty catchy, flea collar songs that became popular in floof culture.

In use: “Eddie Floofey’s success included eleven Top 40 songs, including, “Two Itches to Paradise”, “Floofy Hold On”, and “Let Me Out Tonight”, which became his biggest hit in Floofmerica.”


Floofidiot (floofinition) – 1. A stupid or foolish animal.

In use: “Many are quick to label animals as a floofidiot when they’re really determined and fearless, like the kitten boldly scaling the curtains, because they’re there, but then can’t get back down.”

2. A person who goes ga-ga over animals.

In use: “Others started calling her a floofidiot behind her back because she was always donating food and supplies to animal shelters, sharing photos, videos, and stories on social media, and pampered seven pets of her own in her small ranch house.”

Monday’s Theme Music

Crank it up for this Monday gem.

I owe cats – natch – for this. The little beasts were unrelenting in requests for individual attention this morning. Pets and scratches were issued, food was given, words were whispered, and appeasement achieved. But at one point, as impatience was thinning — wanted to get on with writing, you know? — I told one floof, you’re running me ragged today.

That cracked open the song door. In sprang Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble’s 1992 rockified cover of Sonny James’ blues song, “Empty Arms”.

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