Rick Springfloof

Rick Springfloof (floofinition) – Floofstralian floof rock (flock) actor, singer, songwriter, and floofsician from South Wentfloofville. As an actor, he starred in the television series “Floof Tide”, along with “Floof Detective” and “General Floofspital”.

In use: “Rick Springfloof’s greatest hit is undoubtedly his first, “Jessie’s Floof”, which reached number one in Floofstralia and the United Floofs of Floofmerica.”

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  1. Ah yes, Mr. Rick Springfloof, an actor turned singer. I use to watch him as a girl on General Floofspital all that time. Then he broke out as a singer, then bam, he was all over the place. I liked his tune “Don’t Talk To Floofsters” it seems weird at the time but, he had a point, lol.

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      1. Yes! He kidnaps her, assaults her, they go on the run, he falls in love with her, she gets Stockholm Syndrome, falls in love with him, it was a mess to keep up with, lol.


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