Floofcall (floofinition) – 1. The sound people make to call animals or their pets.

In use: “Studies show that clicking their tongue or making a kissing noise are the most common floofcalls used in America.”

2. A video conference call dominated by animals.

In use: “I apologized for my cat taking over my screen during a Zoom, but then sixty percent of the people said their cats were also with them. In a moment, all the screens were cats, making it a perfect floofcall.”

3. A telephone call to check on an animal’s health.

In use: “After she put Chef Eddie in for surgery, she waited all day for the floofcall that came, telling her that her dog was okay.”

4. The sound an animal makes to attract attention from people or other animals.

In use: “Most people know the floofcalls that their animals make and what they mean: a special bark, meow, whine, or chirp informing their people, feed me, pet me, play with me, or take me for a walk.”

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  1. Ahh yes, Charlie looks at me when I go out to call him in for the night, doing the “PSsss-ppssss-pssssst…here kitty” thing. He say’s its embarrassing and doesn’t want his “crew” to know he answers to that.

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