Floofnata (floofinition) – Song composed by an animal, typically with three or four movements, traditionally performed at night, when others are sleeping.

In use: “As usual, three in the morning came, and Biscuit began her floofnata, awakening everyone else in the house who began shouting at her to stop.”


OFWB (floofinition) – Floofhand for ‘one floof wrecking ball’, an animal which creates more destruction, mischief, or chaos than other animals.”

In use: “As a puppy, Chloe was a OFWB, destroying pillows, shoes, toilet paper, plants, and shower curtains, a trait which didn’t change as she matured; she only became more clever about her chaos.”


Floof-by (floofinition) – 1. An inspection by an animal done in a quick and cursory manner.

In use: “When he went out and began yardwork, the house floofs did floof-bys to verify no food was involved.”

2. Checking quickly and briefly on an animal to assess their welfare, condition, or activity.

In use: “After she found a fawn in her yard, Karla did several floofy-bys to ensure it was okay. Discovering it gone on the fourth, she hoped mama had come by and re-claimed her offspring.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

It’s pretty out there, and pretty nice, employing simple terms. The wind has taken some time off, fog didn’t show up, and the rain has granted a respite. Now 42 F, we expect 50 by the day’s end. More minutes were for our daylight, with the sun and Earth negotiating an agreement to give us one more minute on either end of sunshine’s visit, 7:37 and 5:04, AM and PM.

Birds are lovin’ it. A blue flash at my bathroom window arrested my activities. A stellar jay was on the stacked Adirondack chairs on the covered patio out there. Lovely color, those birds are, with a black head accenting their blue bodies. A acorn was in his beak. After popping his head in several directions to regard me, standing still and naked on the glass’s other side, he conducted a stop and go inspection, with a few hops tossed in, looking for a dignified burial site for his prize. Two other stellars joined him, showing their moral support, I suppose. The acorn wasn’t meant for my yard, as the jays headed off with the acorn still in one’s beak.

Up front, robins briefly visited, followed by a few wrens. Oddest thing, I heard no noises out of any of the birds. It was like Silence of the Birds. Also, neither of my cats witnessed any of this. One was following me around the house while the other napped in a chair.

This is the middle of January, 23, the fifteenth, a Sunday. About four percent of the year has passed. Time is not letting up.

When I was bird-watching, The Neurons took some time to hatch a song out of the activity. (See what I did there? Sorry, it’s pre-coffee.) I found myself singing, “West End Birds”, based on the Pet Shop Boys’ 1984 song, “West End Girls”. The Neurons were doing this, even as I pointed out that I’m on Ashland’s southern end. The Neurons tried accommodating me, singing “South End Birds” but none of us were impressed with that result. Then The Neurons pointed out that direction is relative and that we’re on the west end of the pass. As we weren’t specifying a place, west end worked. Just think of it as being on the pass’s west end, okay? Without coffee, I easily surrendered to their logic.

Anyway, skipping those details and jumping ahead, today’s theme music is “West End Girls”. It’s an interesting synth-pop song and fit well back in that musical era, an era which is still going on and started before the Pet Shop Boys and synths arrived. With pop and rock, with all music, going back and back, and back, it’s about finding the desired song to tell the story, share the emotions, or drive the direction. That’s my take.

Let’s try to stay positive as the year progessing and move ourselves forward as individuals, families, nations, and a species. First, I suppose, we need to find common ground on how ‘forward’ is defined.

Coffee is calling. So is a cat, so I’m up and off on a twofer. Here’s the music. I enjoyed pausing to watch the video and listen to the song. For that little slice of existence, I was back in another time.



Biflooflent (floofinition) – Animals associated in pairs.

In use: “With two dogs, three cats, and a bird, the large male cat and little parakeet were an odd but loyal biflooflent set, always together napping, bathing, peering out windows, and eating. The bird was even with the cat in the litter box.”


Floofzygy (floofinition) – The nearly perfect align of animals, either by temperament or body positions.

In use: “The bird, cat, and dog were in floofzygy in a long rectangle of sun on the living room floor, a sight which brought a smile to Grace’s lips and peace to her heart.”

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