Defloofilate (floofinition) – To impair action via an animals’ behavior or presence.

In use: “Sleeping pets in the sunlit living room defloofilated vacuuming and sweeping plans. Instead, he went and played a quiet computer game.”

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  1. I wondered why I had not seen any posts from you in my inbox of late, figured perhaps you were taking a hiatus for a bit. Tonight I decided to just check and be sure I hadn’t missed any, when i discovered I had missed MANY. Apparently WordPress decided to ‘unfollow’ me … 😥 Sorry … I had no idea!

    Now, as to defloofilation … mine practice this all the time, but I am able to go longer without blinking. I start thye vacuum, aptly named Big Bertha, anyway and if they don’t move, I edge it right up to them, at which point they all go flying up the stairs! Only fair, considering I wouldn’t have to vacuum every day were it not for the shedding fur of five cats!

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    1. Good to hear from you. I’d noticed your absence, but thought you were off being snarky and snippety. More seriously, I have the same thing happen to me with my gmail. I’ll wonder why I’ve not seen any postings from someone, and if they’re okay, and discover that gmail has sent them into spam, or that I had such an email blast that they slipped past me unnoticed. No worries. Cheers

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      1. I’m most always busy being snarky and snippety! It’s become second nature. 😉 But, I still try to squeeze in time for visiting friends’ posts, although of late I’ve let the ball drop more often than not. I’m trying to find out where I can apply for an extra 10 hours in each day! Technology is great … until it glitches. Cheers!

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