Floofpendous (floofinition) – An extremely impressive animal.

In use: “Many pet owners consider their fur, scale, and feather friends to be floofpendous, but Bob (short for Bobsyername), the English Mastiff, always earns comments about his floofpendous size.”

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  1. We’ve had some pretty floofpendous floofs over the years, but one that comes to mind was Pickles. We adopted her from a shelter that was about to put her to sleep, for she had been used in lab experiments and just wasn’t quite right anymore. She could be loving or vicious, but we loved her for many years. What made her floofpendous, though, was that she could jump straight up from the floor to the top of the bathroom door … a vertical jump of nearly 7 feet, then perch on the top of the door. It was truly a floofpendous feat!

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