Floofdonna (floofinition) – Floof pop icon known for her elaborate stage routines and music videos.

In use: “Floofdonna’s second single, “Material Floof” reached number two on the Hot 100 and was promoted by a music video recreating the performance of a human pop star, Madonna in a video for her song, “Material Girl”, which, in turn, was based on a movie scene.”


Floofemployed (floofiniton) – One working for or with animals, sometimes for wages, but more often out of commitment.

In use: “Although he worked eight plus hours a day coding for a tech company, with all the time, money, and energy expended on his fosters, he sometimes felt floofemployed (which didn’t bother him at all — it was just a fact).”


Floofpendous (floofinition) – An extremely impressive animal.

In use: “Many pet owners consider their fur, scale, and feather friends to be floofpendous, but Bob (short for Bobsyername), the English Mastiff, always earns comments about his floofpendous size.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

This song kicked in yesterday afternoon after I’d finished my writing session. Walking through the day, enjoying the increasing warmth and sunshine, admiring the buds on the trees and the blooming daffs, Donovan began singing “Mellow Yellow” (1966). The song stayed in the stream through the night and dominates it this morning.

And why not? It’s about being laid back. Yes, be vigilant, but stay mellow. Relax. (Well, that’s another song. We’ll save it for another day.)

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