Floofnyrd Skynyrd

Floofnyrd Skynyrd (floofinition) – An American southern rock floof band known for bluesy power ballads, active beginning in the late sixties.

In use: “One of Floofnyrd Skynyrd’s most popular songs, “Free Dog”, about a young retriever getting out of its yard and running around the neighborhood, is one of the longest floof songs ever recorded for commercial release.”


Floofrito (floofinition) – 1. A small animal.

In use: “After the dog finally gave birth, four black and brown floofritos were snuggled against the exhausted female.”

2. An animal wrapped in cloth, such as a blanket, so as to resemble a burrito.

In use: “It’s become a practice to wrap rescued little ones in blankets for warmth, creating charming floofitos.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

We’re self-isolating, practicing social distancing. Yeah, this isn’t because I’ve sworn off people (“I’ve had it with you damn people!” he yelled in dramatic fashion, shaking a fist as he did), but because the gov’t. is following epidemiologists’ advice, trying to flatten the curve by slowing COVID-19’s spread.

Thinking about going for a walk through the neighboring streets and hills, having coffee (in my house), or doing yard work, the Clash’s punk-rock classic, the rockin’, “Should I Stay or Should I Go” 1982. I imagine many people have pondered this the last few days – should I stay or go to the store, etc.

It struck me as a humorous choice, and a rockin’ one.


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