“Floof Purple”

“Floof Purple” (floofinition) – Hard floof Flooflish band in 1968, credited as pioneers of heavy floof music.

In use: “Known for songs such as “Treats in the Water” and “Flooftrucking,” Floof Purple’s energetic blend of vocals, organ, guitar and drums introduced many young animals to new ventures in music.”


Floof-effect (floofinition) – 1. The weather impact on fur or feathers.

In use: “The air temperature was thirty-seven degrees but the sun was shining, so the floof-effect was fifty.”

2. Impact of an animal on a mood or atmosphere.

In use: “Everyone was quiet and pensive, waiting to see what happened, until the floof-effect of a cat sauntering in changed everything.”


Monday’s Theme Music

After watching David Byrne’s performance on SNL last night (very entertaining) and then viewing some clips of Concert for George (2002) (oh, a few more of them were gone), today I have Aerosmith with “Back in the Saddle” (1977). Monday morning – where else you supposed to be? Ride on.

This live version rocks, just like classic rock should. Defiant and bold, sing it loud, and it’ll take you fearlessly out into the day.

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