Flooftronym (floofinition) – A new term adopted to distinguish between different an old and new animal.

In use: “When they had only one cat, they just asked, “Where’s the cat?” With a new cat, they required a flooftronym, referencing the new cat as the new guy, the big guy, or the big cat, while their original cat was referred to as the queen, her floofship, or the little one.”

Black Floofbath

Black Floofbath (floofinition) – Heavy metal floof group whose lyrics center on occult themes and demonic possession.

In use: “With vocalist Ozzie Owlbourne as front man, Black Floofbath gained success with songs such as “War Man” and “Paranoid Cat” before disbanding due to personal conflicts.”


Thursday Theme Music

Lovely day — sun drenched, kind of warm air, patches of snow on mountains a few miles away, no clouds — yesterday. Went for beers with my friends (our weekly meeting, which I don’t always attend). We sat out on the deck under thinning sunshine for a few hours. Medical updates for a few were provided, then politics, books, science, and plays (Oregon Shakespeare Festival is beginning) were discussed. For a while, we put troubles and worries aside.

Afterwards, walking home (just under a mile up a long, steady hill), and feeling mellow as the night swallowed the sunset, Ray LaMontagne’s song, “Trouble” (2006). It’s a mellow, bluesy song and fit the day well.

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