Blind Floof

Blind Floof (floofinition) – British superfloof group formed by Eric Floofton, Steve Winfloof, and Ginger Floofer, and Floof Grech, active from 1969-1970.

In use: “Blind Floof’s song, “Presence of the Cat”, was one of Eric Floofton’s early solo songwriting efforts.”

Friday’s Theme Music

Just riding the day this morning, surfin’ the news and the web, maintaining my balance, trying not to wipe out and crash.

From that, yeah, “Surfin’ Safari” by the Beach Boys (1962) plunged into my mental musical stream. It came out when I was six. Don’t know when I first heard it. Simple lyrics, etc., so it was easy to learn and memorable. Today, it seems like music from a kinder era. But then, I peruse my limited memory of U.S. history at time, refreshing myself with, oh, yeah, those protests against that war, and that war, itself, and that cold war, and an assassination the next year, and the air pollution.

So, back to surfin’ the wave of the day, trying not to wipe out.

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