Floofdetta (floofinition) – A feud without end or apparent reason between two animals or groups of animals.

In use: “Pearl the white cat and Simon, the ginger cat, had a floofdetta that seemed to have started before they met one another, forcing Henry, the big golden retriever, to step in as mediator.”

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  1. Ahhhh yes … the ol’ floofdetta. We once had one between Pickles and Tofu … both now gone to another floofdom … and Pickles would not allow Tofu out of the kitchen. No matter if she was asleep, or in another room, if poor Tofu (he of only 3 legs) attempted to come out of the kitchen, she would run at him, hissing and yowling, until he resignedly went back into the kitchen. Never did figure out the animosity, for it just happened overnight, it seemed … before that, they had actually been friendly. Once Pickles died, Tofu once again had the run (limp) of the house and peace reigned once again.

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