Floofcology (floofinition) –  The branch of life that deals with the relations of animals with one another and to their surroundings.

In use: “Having seven counts, three dogs, a bird (and counting), they decided that one household member should be the minister of floofcology to track supplies and oversee the animals’ care. Although only eleven, Sabina immediately volunteered.”

Monday’s Theme Music

You’d think that today’s song, with a cat in the title, was inspired by an interaction with a cat. Nope; didn’t happen that way.

“Honky Cat” by Elton John (1972) came to me because of the line, “Change is gonna do me good.” I was asked to help another. Helping them would force a change to my comfortable, protected routines. But I wanted to help, hence, I told myself, “Change is gonna do me good.”

Turned out, my help wasn’t needed, etc. By then, though, “Honky Cat” was roaring in the stream. Not that I mind that. Its jaunty sound fit my mood.

Now I’m gonna go look for gold in a silver mine, then drink a little whiskey from a bottle of wine. Always enjoyed those lines.

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