Floofdance (floofinition) – Dance conducted by animals, often to celebrate an event or in joyous response to the music that they hear.

In use: “Seeing snow for the first time, the gray kitten began a floofdance on the porch as the flakes floated down around him.”


Floofsient (floofinition) – An animal who stays in a place on a temporary basis or for a brief period.

In use: “People often bring animals in as floofsients, fostering, socializing, and protecting the animals as they heal. Sometimes the floofsients decide that they’ve found home, making it a foster fail.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Today’s song is by a Canadian group, “The Guess Who”.

“Hang On to Your Life” was released in 1971. It came to me today out of one of the lines, natch; it’s a common occurrence when I’m walking around town, speaking to the cats, or visiting with my dreams. This one came out in conjunction with mutterings about writing (wrutterings, I suppose), and the quest for a better novel. I figured, “Maybe I can sell my soul.”

Burton Cummings answered in “Hang On to Your Life”, “but don’t you sell it too cheap.” Then I just meandered down some memory lanes about age, life, and choices. Yes, all while sober and not smoking anything. Listening to it, it seems like a perfect 1970 radio rock song, featuring raging lyrics in a taut voice backed by electric guitars and heavy drumming.

Gotta love it.

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