Demofloof (floofinition) – An advocate of equality among animals.

In use: “To ensure domestic tranquility, she acted as a demofloof when distributing food, treats, and scritches, even though she had several personal favorites among the cats, dogs, and goats.”


Flooftrovert (floofinition) – Someone who prefers the company of animals.

In use: “Margaret was an introvert by birth but become a flooftrovert and booktrovert by choice as she settled into days of reading books with her pets beside her.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Don’t know why – perhaps because I’ve been battling with a cold and flu the last few days, and have finally seemed to be winning – but an old Stones’ standard has flooded the stream. Maybe a sense derived of snuggling in bed under heavy blankets during the day, when I’m supposed to be out adulting, contributes to a mood of being a little kid again, eating buttered toast and drinking warm fluids to soothe my throat and head.

Here’s “19th Nervous Breakdown” from 1966.

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