Floofucate (floofintion) – give intellectual, moral, and social instruction about having housepets or being a housepet.

In use: “He’d never had a cat before, but the kitten soon floofucated him about cat rules.”


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  1. Does this word also refer to giving information to a house pet? “Cats are relatively easy to floofucate, especially in standard academic subjects, because they read with their butts, so all a cat has to do to read and study a book is sit on it. Dogs, on the other hand, need to be able to smell the words, which works well but takes longer.” Is that right, or is there some other term? What about a floof giving another instructions about being a house pet? “The young thistle cats, in addition to the usual training in how to cat, were gradually being floofucated in how to be house cats, in case they decided that a semi-feral life didn’t appeal to them anymore.” Or, “The elderly border collie did his best to instruct the newbies on how to dog, but sometimes they didn’t get it quite right.”

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    1. Good eyes, but you are an editor and live with floofs. Yes, the Floofology Institute had planned the additional information but neglected to made the addition (probably because a cat interrupted the process). The entry has been updated. Thanks!

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