Modern Complaints

Time for a rant. It’s been a while, right? I like to think of myself as Old Faithful, bursting forth with new complaints on a predictable schedule.

I studied my to-do list this morning.

Call Dad.

Schedule Mazda for service.

File income taxes.

Get coronavirus vaccine.

Buy condolence card.

I’d filed the income taxes so I marked that off. The condolence card needed to wait until I went out later.

Dad was back in the hospital. I decided to put that off to do other things that required less exertion.

I haven’t had our Mazda serviced in a year. Putting it in context, though, in the period between March 2020 and March 2021, we put about twelve hundred miles on the odometer. No warning lights are illuminated. I figured that as long as the car had oil and was functioning, I wasn’t going to rest taking it to a dealership or service station for routine stuff. This is also my philosophy for my body.

Then an email arrived from Mazda.

LET US TREAT YOUR MAZDA.We warmly invite you to enjoy complimentary Mazda service. Our factory-trained technicians are looking forward to providing the Full Circle Service and unmatched experience you deserve.Take advantage of this special, limited-time offer, available until April 30th, 2021. Contact us for details about this exclusive offer and schedule your appointment today.
THIS COMPLIMENTARY MAZDA SERVICE OFFER1 INCLUDES:Oil change & tire rotationEnhanced vehicle cleaning service*Take the wheel of a complimentary loaner Mazda while we perform maintenance on your vehicleFull Circle Inspection and vehicle health report card1 Service up to a $75 value. Offer valid for redemption by qualifying VINs at participating Dealers. Not transferable. Limit one (1) complimentary service offer. No cash value. Offer period is March 1, 2021 – April 30, 2021. Contact participating dealer for complete details.

That’s a pretty good deal. As I had things on the schedule (or so I told myself), I tagged the email for later action.

Right now, I felt the COVID-19 vaccination was a higher priority. I’m 64 and lack the underlying conditions that render me a higher priority. That means I’m not eligible for the vaccination yet. I’m retired military member, sometimes called ‘a vet’. The Military Times just had an article informing us that all vets could get the vaccine at local VA facilities. Cool beans, right? That was followed up by a local television channel with a story telling us the same thing. Okay, I would call and request an appointment at my local VA facility in White City.

I’d bookmarked the news article and brought it up now.

“Even veterans who are not currently enrolled, we want you to call that number and we will do our best to get you enrolled so you can have access to the vaccine.” Christina Cellura who is the Chief of Staff for White City SORCC said. 

To make an appointment, call 541-826-2111 extension 4440.’

I called the number and waited for the moment they told me to enter an extension. It didn’t come.

After listening to a laborious list of options, I selected 6 for COVID-19 information. Thus began a long, breathless recording about what I can and could do and how the VA would help. About two thirds of the way through, it said, ‘To make an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination, call 541-826-2111 extension 4440.’

I looked at the number I’d dialed, confirming, that’s the number I dialed. Hanging up, I repeated the entire process, verifying that the number I’d dialed was telling me to call the number I’d dialed to make an appointment.

It seemed like either a cruel joke or terrible, circular logic.

Disppointed with that, I went to the Mazda email. I clicked on the link provided, as directed. I have an account there — I always take my car there, like a good soldier — so all my information was populated. I kept waiting for them to tell me about the deal, or to inform me that I wasn’t eligible.

They didn’t mention the deal.

Dismayed, I confirmed the appointment. Maybe they’d mention the deal in the confirming email.


I sighed.

Next on the list would be to call Dad.

The way things were going, I wasn’t ready to take the chance.

8 thoughts on “Modern Complaints

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  1. What a pain, I mean with Mazda and the COVID vaccine. I thankfully have never had any issues with taking my car to the Ford dealership I bought my car at. When my Sync software wasn’t updating, they had a tech come to my work where it took him all of ten mins to update it. And I didn’t get charged for it……I’m not rubbing it in, at least I don’t want it to sound that way…lol.
    I think vaccination sites and registrations are just overwhelmed at this point. Be patient my friend, you will get it soon.

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    1. Yes, it’s weird to be too young for something. But then, I’m also too young for Medicare, although I’m approaching the application window.

      That’s pretty good service by Ford. Surprises me.


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      1. Oh wow, well maybe she just doesn’t want to let it go. I’ve noticed that my Ford vehicles have outlasted some of my “non” Ford vehicles. I have a 2006 Ford Focus, it’s got 118,845 miles on it. My son uses it to go to school, I told him that’s the only car he gets to use until he can buy his own. It been a great little car, with regular upkeep it’s never given me any issues other than a broken motor mount.

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      2. Her Focus has a ‘clunking’ transmission that shudders during a sharp downshift (auto) that Ford said is normal. It also has brakes that loudly squeak. Ford says this is normal. Both drive me nuts. They also drive my wife nuts but she likes it size, fuel economy, zip, and utility (ZX-5). I’ve kept it washed and waxed so it does not look old at all.

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