Floofhub (floofinition) – A place where animals congregate or socialize.

In use: “In many houses, the floofhub gravitates toward the home’s sunniest spots, depending on the weather, although wherever food is found often quickly becomes a floofhub.”

3 thoughts on “Floofhub

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  1. The most popular floofhub in this house seems to be the upholstered chair in my office. If there’s no human in it (“Who are you calling human?”), there is likely to be as many as five cats/kittens in it instead.

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    1. Thomas, that’s a wonderful perspective. Yes, as soon as I head into my office and to my chair, I discover it’s become a hot floofspot. Enticements fail to move them. And what do I do?

      Find a different chair, of course.

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