Floofcontent (floofinition) 1. An animal who helps others relax or become less anxious or nervous.

In use: “Maurice is a big dog with a huge bark and an even bark. The floofcontent knows the power of his voice, though, and often softens it to a gentle sound, and loves nothing more than laying down and letting people and animals sleep on and with him.”

2. State achieved from being with an animal, especially a pet, and letting go of fears, worries, depression, and anxiety.

In use: “Aster was the best rescue ever in Karla’s mind. Whenever anything got her down, a visit with her pet made her floofcontent. Without her fur buddy, she was certain that she would have lost her mind or killed herself or someone else by now.”

Sunday’s Wandering Thought

He was at a coffee shop yesterday. Three women came in and rearranged a section of furniture. They didn’t put it back when they left. He wondered, though, is it their job to put it back?

Of course not. But it seemed like it’d be courteous to the staff and other patrons. It’s what he would do. But is there a ‘right and wrong’ in this?

Not really. It’s furniture in a coffee shop. It’s there for people’s use and comfort, right? Sure. It just annoys him when people don’t put things back, whether it’s shopping carts or tables and chairs in a coffee shop.

It’s just one of his foibles.

Sunday’s Theme Music

T’was the day before the last day of October and all through the yard, everyone was watching, and staying on guard. Wizards and witches and princesses were coming soon, and monsters and zombies might be around, too. Candy and treats can be offered to still their noise, but you know how it is with young girls and boys.

It’s Sunday, October 30, 2022. Gadzooks but yesterday was a beautiful prototypical autumn day. Today is using the leftovers to bake us another the same way. With the sun cracking the whip at 7:41, the cool night air – 40 F – was pleased with the sun. It’s since gone to 44, a small but welcomed increase, and will hit 64 F before sunset comes at 6:07 this evening and the temperature decrease.

Yesterday afternoon was spent at a concert. The Rogue Valley Symphonic Band always does a Halloween concert which we attend. It was another fun success this year. Many adults and all children dressed up in costumers. One of my favorites was a little girl costumed as Hermione from Harry Potter’s world. She was about perfect. I asked her as we were leaving if she knew any spells. The four-year-old looked at me like I was an idiot. Nothing else was said. Okay, message received.

I have “The Warrior” by Scandal (1984). The Neurons claim they aren’t behind the song’s rise in the morning mental music stream. It could be a series of dreams behind it. I think Dream Neurons are in a different industry than The Neurons. Not sure of The Neurons’ job description. I guess they sometimes help Memory Neurons. Don’t know if they do anything for the Goofing Around Neurons. Although I’m in my sixties, the GANs are very lively while the MNs (that’s said as mins) often decline engagements these days.

Back to the band, Scandal. I was always sorry they broke up so fast. A friend was in love with Patty Smyth. He was always talking about how great she sang and how gorgeous she looked, looking up information about her and sharing it with us. So out of character for him that it was fascinating. He was generally sort of listless and mute until he began gushing about Patty Smyth. We always worried that he had the makings of a stalker. Don’t know what happened to him, as I rotated back to the US at the end year’s end. This is one of those songs which I hear pretty regularly on classic rock stations when I tune into them.

Don your positive energy and keep it flowing. Test negative. Meanwhile, it’s coffee time. Here’s the song. Cheers

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