Floofing Hour

Floofing Hour (floofinition) – 1. A period, which may be more or less than an hour, when an animal displays annoying or irritating behavior.

In use: “The floofing hour, when the cats came in demanding food and attention, was debilitating as everything was stopped to attend the floofs.”

2. The time(s) of a day or night when the quantum portals are open, enhancing animals’ skills as well as allowing them transport between dimenstions.

In use: “For the less adept floofs, the Floofing Hour was posted on the Floofnet, accessible to any animal at any time, but the more developed creatures were telefloofically connected and knew the time with a simple thought.”

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  1. Just had a talk with Martin a little while ago, asking him not to have the Floofing Hour occur at five AM again. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t listening, though. (Martin doesn’t need portals; he can teleport — apport, technically — on his own.)

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