Monday’s Wandering Thought

He encountered a friend and told him, “I like your shirt. That’s very nice.”

“Thank you,” the friend replied.

“Would you sell it to me?”


Brainstorm! He’d start a reality game show — “The Shirt Off Your Back” — where minor celebrities would go around offering people money, gifts, or favors for the clothes they were wearing. It’d be sort of a poor person’s Indecent Proposal.

It was dumb enough that it might just work.

Monday’s Wean Music

Yeah, it’s Monday. Causes many to face a need to wean themselves off the weekend. Yeah, there are a few lovelies who enjoy their job so much that they don’t need to be weaned off the sleep and relaxation the weekend provided. Also, retired people care less about Mondays and need less weaning. Shiftworkers, too. Their Monday varies. It’s not usually the same Monday the rest of us experience so far as the calendar takes us, but they have the same dilemma, getting weaned off of their time off and relaxation as they clean up, dress up, and press on into work.

It’s mid August, 2022, the fifteenth if you’re scoring at home. Time’s sprint through the year continues for me. The shadows and angles of sunrise and sunset are shifting. The southern windows are given more light and earlier exposure, a fascinating aspect to meditate upon as the orbital dance between the Earth and Sol continues.

6:18 AM slipped up on the clock as sunshine breached the horizon and gave light to the sky. I expect the sun to get left behind as the Earth turns at 8:20 PM. We’re currently measuring air temp at 19 C. A high of 91 F might be reached. I’ll take this cool, comfortable morning under a cloud-free blue sky. Good coffee weather.

Last night’s outdoors scene was sigh-inducing. A waning full moon skipped over the southern hills and mountains, flashing its silver-white shine through the trees, blessing the backyard with a fantasy glow. I expected fairies to edge out and start zipping about. A blanket of stars and relaxing chill breeze completed the experience.

Wean music isn’t much for actually weaning you off unless it lifts your mood and distracts you. I think this song does it. The Neurons slipped it into the morning mental music stream when I wasn’t looking. They fed off an idea about chasing the sunrise. “Lay Me Down” by The Dirty Heads came out in 2010. I often think that it’s Jack Johnson playing and singing. Has that same mellow surfer vibe that Johnson incorporates in his music.

Stay positive and test negative. Have some coffee, if you’d like. Plenty here, at the moment. The ginger prince is singing to me. Don’t know what that song is about. He’s already eaten and we’ve played. He was groomed and petted, and scratched, and adored. Probably just wants more of the same. Here’s the music.


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