Twosday’s Wandering Thought

Three young girls arrived. He’s not an expert in these matters, but their lithe size and small stature made him guess that they were probably ten to twelve years old. All were white and wore shorts, and four-to-five-inch-high heels with ankle straps. One of the pairs of heels had clear plastic. The other two were stiletto.

These, he was certain, were the youngest people he’d ever seen wearing high heels. He’d certainly never seen them on children this young before. It seemed like they portended something, but he didn’t know what.

Twosday’s Theme Music

We’ve now reached Twosday, August 9, 2022. Twosday is really Tuesday, of course, but there’s a tale behind Twosday.

A poor young woman in France was desperate to feed her family. One morning she went to the market. As she browsed the displays with a rumbling stomach, keen to help her starving siblings at home, she overheard merchants talking about the day of the week. Realizing it was Tuesday, she convinced others that the day’s origins came from Two-day, a day in which people could buy two items of fish, bread, and produce for the price of one. Inspired by her desperation, she passionately implored the shopkeepers to restore this tradition, and won the day. Eventually, Two-day fell out of use, becoming known as BOGO, or Buy One Get One free.

She went on at a young age to become a military hero. Her name was Joan and millions followed her. That’s right, this young woman later came to be known as Joan of Arc. And now you know the rest of the story, which I just made up.

It’ll be a warm Twosday here in the valley, with temperatures rising as soon as the sun slipped into the valley at 6:12 this morning. It’s 21 C now but we expect to achieve 97 F again. The sky is blue, the air is smoke-free, and finches are sitting on a telephone line singing. Sunset will be at 8:20 this evening.

In honor of Twosday, we — The Neurons and I — will give you two theme songs. One is from Olivia Newton John. ONJ passed away this week. As soon as The Neurons read the news, they began playing, “Physical” (1981), and it’s been in the morning mental music stream since. Part of that is because network news all played the song while talking about ONJ’s career and passing, reinforcing its presence in the MMMS, and keeping songs such as “I Honestly Love You” and “Please, Mister Please” out.

But as I typed this morning, a train passed through town, blowing its whistle to ensure we all knows it’s rumbling through. The train whistle prompted some of The Neurons to begin Johnny Cash’s 1955 song, “Folsom Prison Blues”. It came out the year before I was born so I’ve known that song my entire life. That I know it despite not yet being conceived when it was released is a testament to how often it was played in various media venues throughout my lifetime. No doubt, a large part of that is because it’s memorable.

Well, I have a coffee appointment which I need to get to. Stay positive, test negative, and so on. Here’s the tunes. Enjoy them both. Cheers


Flooficacy (floofinition) – 1. An animal’s power to produce an effect.

In use: “The floof book which almost every young floof uses, Training A Human, A Guide for Young Floofs, instructs young floofs to learn early which method of swaying your human has the best flooficacy – big eyes, sweet noises, silly action, playfulness, or deep loving.”

2.  Something pleasing to animals to eat that is considered rare or luxurious.

“Same the beagle loves American cheese, but his people give it to him so infrequently that it’s a flooficacy in his mind.

3. The state or quality of being an animal with a diminutive stature.

In use: The flooficacy of young animals such as kittens, puppies, kids, and lambs, often stir people.”

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