Floofpliant (floofinition) Readily manipulated or controlled by animals.

In use: “Ben thought of himself as the cat whisperer because he got along with all animals, especially cats and dogs, but the animals knew him as a floofpliant mark, good for a treat, a warm body, or a touch of love when needed.”

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  1. My granddaughter, known affectionately as Miss Goose, is our ‘cat whisperer’. She is also floofpliant. They wait outside her bedroom door for her to get up, and when she does, by the time she gets something to drink and goes to her chair, at least 3 of the 5 are already in her chair, awaiting their morning pets. If she goes to the bathroom, there are at least two waiting on the other side of the door for her to come out. And at exactly 4:30 every afternoon, they line up and stare at her, for she is the one who provides the treat of the day … wet food … at that time. Heaven forbid if she is outside walking at 4:30!!!

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