Habflooftual (floofinition) Рcustomary or regularly practiced manner for interacting with housepets or animals.

In use: “Seeing a dog kicked his habflooftual responses in, and he’d immediately drop down to his knees to say hello, and if the dog was willing, and it was permitted, to give the dog a few ear skritches.”



Floofaby (floofinition) – a song sung to housepets, typically when a loving session takes place.

In use: “When petting his cats, he would often sing a floofaby and scratch their ears, reveling in their purrs and soft fur as they curled up against him and went to sleep.”


Floofball (floofinition) –¬†A broad set of games involving housepets and round objects. Balls may be used, but blueberries and peas suffice, as do lids, buttons, and pens. The rules vary, usually dependent on species. Generally, cats like to play, “Knock It Off” and dogs enjoy fetch.

In use: “She wasn’t large, but she was smart and playful, particularly enjoying floofball games. While an expert at “Knock It Off”, which she played on the bedroom dresser at one in the morning every day, she also starred at knocking down bouncing ping-pong balls, and was a champion playing fetch with plastic jingle balls.”




If I rescue you, you’ll rescue me.

Our minds can understand it, but our eyes can’t seem to see.

We keep trying to save each other, but hate gets in our way.

One day, it’s love, the next day it’s hate, and we don’t know what to say.

I sometimes reach for you but you shake me off.

Sometimes you reach for me and I shake you off.

You hurt me and I hurt you back.

There’s so much we don’t understand, so much we lack.

Then you do something that reminds me of who you are.

And I think again, we’re on the right path, but the destination’s too far.

And I know I’m wrong because this isn’t right.

It’s not the destination, but the journey together, that I think about at night.


Floofamine (floofinition) – a catecholamine neurotransmitter in human’s central nervous system acting within the brain to help regulate movement and emotion when dealing with pets.

In use: “Floofologists who study psychological¬†disorders have long been interested in how floofamine works and how relatively high or low levels in the brain relate to behavioral changes when people are interacting with their housepets.”



Hypoflooflamus (floofinition) – a region of the human brain that functions as the main control center for how people interact with their housepets.

In use: “The hypoflooflamus starts racing to the feel of soft fur, the regard of warm, friendly eyes, the brush of gentle whiskers, a bird’s whistle, or a paw touch.”


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