Flooftub (floofinition) – A typically wide, open, deep, and round container used for holding  water, growing plants, etc., repurposed by pets as sleeping, hiding, and playing spaces.

In use: “During hot days, Ashley converted the main tub into a flooftub, stretching her long furry body out along the cool, porcelain bottom for afternoon naps that none dared to interrupt.”


Five Times Too Many

It’s a sad situation; a neighbor ran over their cat while parking, the fifth time in my life that a friend or neighbor ran over their cat. 

This victim was a cat, but it can happen with children, dogs, and other animals and people. The situation begins with a routine, complacency, and an assumption: “He/she is always there. I expected them to move. They always did.” That assumption is a killer.

His name was Buddy. He was a small, elderly black cat. Probably weighed seven pounds, but had the voice of a lion. He was sweet, trotting over to me for a treat and a scratch when I came out to do yard work or go check the mail.

I wasn’t present when Buddy met his demise. The woman’s three elementary school-age girls were.

The temp was in the nineties. Maybe Buddy was hot or ill, or deeply asleep. Like each of the other four situations, Buddy didn’t move as he usually does.

Such accidents and deaths can be avoided. Don’t assume. Get the visuals. Take the time to confirm the cat’s location. Confirm that he moved.

It’s already happened five times too many to my friends and neighbors during my lifetime. Please learn from Buddy.


Floofbicle (floofinition) – a small partitioned-off space pets use for sleeping and playing, sometimes called a box by the uninformed.

In use: “Although the floofbicle was too small for the bulldog, he ignored the limitations and tried sitting.”



Deflooftive (floofinition) – 1. An investigator who specializes in solving crimes and mysteries involving pets. 2. A pet who is obligated to investigate all noises, movements, foods, and others.

In use: “Aided with a video camera mounted high on the wall, the deflooftive soon learned how the cat and dog were escaping.”



REF (Alt. sp.: R.E.F.) (floofinition) – Really Enthusiastic Floof, sometimes also referenced as Really Energetic Floof, a designation given to social, playful, or overly active housepet.

In use: “Everyone called Reed small, but the hundred pound canine cavorted through the house like a kitten, thundering barks and slobbering love at all hours of the day — and sometimes, at night.”


Floofstrom (floofinition) – Consuming energy projected by pet behavior and, or, activity.

In use: “The catnip was put down. The dogs watched with wary laziness as the cats meowed and gathered to get some ‘nip. Without warning, a floofstrom erupted as the cats each jealously seized their share and warned others off with snaps, swaps, hisses, and growls.”

Box Floof

Box Floof (floofinition) – A housepet who enjoy climbing into boxes to explore, often remaining them to nap and play.

In use: “Three cats, and yet the five boxes attracted none of them. There wasn’t a box floof among them.”


Misfloofcreant (floofinition) – A housepet who behaves badly or outside of the accepted boundaries.

In use: “Knowing that she’d misbehaved, the furry misfloofcreant sat down and regarded her people with soulful eyes. She knew that the eyes always let her off the hook. They couldn’t resist her eyes.”


Flooftraction (floofinition) – 1. Becoming preoccupied by a housepet’s sounds or activities. 2. A thing that absorbs a housepet’s attention or interest. 3. An animal’s grip on a surface.

In use: “Birds and squirrels became a flooftraction for the cat, whose chittering was a flooftraction for the dog, whose fixed staring became a flooftraction for Marla as she went to get ready for work.”

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