Fahrfloofgnügen (floofinition) – To drive an animal for fun in a vehicle.

In use: “It was silly, but the cats and dogs enjoyed going for rides in the van, and a fahrfloofgnügen around town became a recurring evening ritual.”


Floofcialize (floofinition) – Animal’s friendly participation or interaction with other animals or people.

In use: “Although the kitten was six weeks old and had been living rough on the streets, he floofcialized within an hour, rumbling up to the German Shepherd for companionship, playing with resident queen feline in another hour, and comfortably napping with his new human friends within three hours. By the next day, it seemed like he’d always been there.”


Nofloofobia (floofinition) – The fear that there won’t be any animals.

In use: “Suffering from nofloofobia, she, aided by her husband and children, constantly saved animals, averaging an animal a week, ignoring their species, or the costs, attending to their needs and injuries, trying to keep the Earth populated with animals.”


Flooftropolis (floofinition) – 1. Any city with a large animal population. 2. (slang) Expression used to denote any place with a large animal population.

In use: “All the neighborhood cats came around to hang out in Lori’s yard, which was funny, because she had a parrot and two dogs, but no cat. Neighbors began referring to it as flooftropolis.”


Floofvious (floofintion) – 1. Easily perceived or understood by an animal. 2. Clear, self-evident, or apparent to an animal, especially a housepet.

In use: “When the couple opened a bag of chips to munch on while watching the movie, the cats and dog queued, expecting the floofvious.”


Floofspiration (floofinition) – The process of being mentally stimulated by an animal, especially a housepet, to do or feel something.

In use: She was down, but the dog walked up with this dopey look, with his leash hanging out of his mouth. Floofspiration seizing her, she laughed. “You’re right. It’s too nice a day to sit here feeling sorry for myself. Let’s go for a walk.”


Flooftrust (floofinition) – An animal or housepet’s willingness to believe a person or another animal until after they’ve been betrayed.

In use: “Knowing that her dog’s flooftrust was fast dwindling, she offered him a treat, only to be greeted with a sullen, hurt look.”

n/t to Facebook/The Epoch Times for photo with caption.



Impromptfloof (floofinition) – 1. Acquiring a pet or animal housemate without planning. 2. An action done by an animal, especially a housepet, without apparent thought or planning.

In use: “She saw the puppy injured on the road’s shoulder. She thought he was dead, but picking him up, he yelped and licked her face. After a stop at the vet for treatment, she was an impromptfloof pet-owner for a sandy-colored dog named Road.”

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