Floofpair (floofinition) – 1. Repair done under an animal’s supervision.

In use: “The photographer’s camera had malfunctioned, and as he worked on it, a red fox shaded up to his shoulder to conduct a floofpair.”

2. Two animals who are always together.

In use: “The elderly little brown dog – five pounds, soaking wet, on a heavy day and the twenty-five pound Norwegian Forest Cat were an odd floofpair, but ate, slept, and played together all the time.”

3. Domestic assistant from a foreign country who is hired to help with animals.

In use: “When he left Nicaragua and settled in the states, he’d not planned on life as a floofpair, but the arrangement of going around and tending people’s animals while they were away was a satisfying life.”

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  1. Great definitions! Our Orange and Oliver were quite the floofpair (#2), until Orange died last year, and Ollie has been quite lost without him. 😥 We do not let our floofs do floofpairs (#1), though. Their lack of opposable thumbs make it very difficult for them to use such common tools as a screwdriver, wrench, of drill. And as for the floofpair (#3)… some days I feel like one!

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