Floof Bowl LIV

Floof Bowl LIV is history, with the Kansas City Furballs upending the SF Hairballs, 31-20. Floof Mahomes was the game MVF. The game experienced a twenty minute delay when the players decided to take a nap in lieu of playing. Play really came alive in the fourth quarter when a bag of treats was opened.

There were no floofensive penalties called, although several Furball players were cited for excessive grooming.


Floofissimo (floofinition) – For an animal to move very softly.

In use: “She set down a plate of donuts on the table. The cat watched her return to the kitchen for coffee, then, floofissimo, trotted to the table, jumped up, seized a donut with her teeth, and left.”


Infloofuitive (floofinition) – the An animal’s ability to understand something that a human or another animal is going do to without the need for conscious reasoning.

In use: “Perhaps it was just ingrained habits, but his Doxie (Carmichael the Great) always infloofuitively knew where he was going to sit and got there first, smiling at him with toothy joy as if saying, beat you.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

Today brought me “Vasoline” by STP – Stone Temple Pilots – from 1994.

First, the song’s unusual, jarring beginning. Then, against that jarring beat, let’s consider the lyrics.

One time a thing occurred to me
What’s real and what’s for sale
Blew a kiss and tried to take it home

It isn’t you, isn’t me
Search for things that you can’t see
Going blind out of reach
Somewhere in the vasoline

Two times and it has rendered me
Punch drunk and without bail
Think I’d be safer all alone

Flies in the vasoline we are
Sometimes it blows my mind
Keep getting stuck here all the time

It isn’t you, isn’t me
Search for things that you can’t see
Going blind out of reach
Somewhere in the vasoline

You’ll see the look
And you’ll see the lies
You’ll eat the lies
And you will

h/t to SongMeanings.com

Scott Weiland, the vocalist and lyricist died in 2015, forty-eight years old, another interesting and creative person who was gone too young. He said that it was about being stuck in the same thing again and again, such as the drug addiction that plagued him. Yeah, it’s too easy to get stuck.

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