“The Power Floof”

“The Power Floof” (floofinition) – British-American superfloof group. Comprised of members of previous bands on hiatus, The Power Floof performed together for two years, releasing two albums during that period.

In use: “Although they had disbanded, The Power Floof still sometimes tour and put on concerts, arousing floofs with hits such as “Some Like A Lap”.”

My Valenfloof

Thinking of the valenfloofs of my past, and thought I’d share last year’s post.

Michael Seidel, writer

“I know you,” he said with a lick to my hand.

“Perhaps not from here, but from another time and land.”

“Yes, I know you, too,” I said to the little whiskered face.

“I’m glad we found each other once after coming to this place.”

So we’re privileged to witness, once more,

the transcendent love between a paw person,

and the human they adore.

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The Goatee Dream

First, there was a sex dream. The neighbor’s cat was crying at the door and broke that spell. After I let her in (and provided a meal), I used the loo. Back to bed, I thought about the dream and hoped it would return (as it was comforting and pleasant).

It didn’t. In its stead came the beard dream. Standing in front of a mirror, I prepared to trim my goatee and ‘stache. What I saw horrified me; the goatee was massively overgrown.

I began trying to trim it while wondering how it’d come to look so bad with collateral thoughts of, had something happen to me, did it always look so horrid, and geez, why didn’t anyone say anything to me?

My wife was in the dream’s background, talking, giving me the impression that, “We needed to leave soon.” Don’t know to where. I responded that I was almost ready (not true), but that I just had to trim my goatee.

I saw my goatee had grown to double bumps hanging down, which didn’t do anything for my face. I looked like Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but more withered and grayer. Naturally, I concluded, trim them. Somehow, trimming them worsened their appearance. Recoiling with fresh horror, I decided that it all looked so bad that the only thing that I could do is shave the goatee off entirely. Trying, though, I ended up revealing a bloody wound that the beard concealed.

What happened? Had I cut myself? Meanwhile, my wife was calling for me to hurry and my beard had darkened and grown across my lower face.

That’s where the dream ended.

Yeah, classic self-image dream about my identity, isn’t it?

Party Floof

Party Floof (floofinition) – An animal who enjoys having a good time, especially by attending celebrations, a.k.a., party animal.

In use: “Whenever visitors arrived, Mr. Marbles rose, stretched, and joined the company, sniffing (as proper for these events), barking when they laughed, and generally emerging from his shell, transforming into a party floof.”

Friday’s Theme Music

Walking yesterday afternoon and admiring the light on the hills (not much snow on Grizzly, bummer, we need more snow in the mountains, wonder how the snow pack is in the Sierra Nevadas) (I should check) (mental note, search for snow pack update) (it is February, and that’s when they usually come out) (and March), I thought one piece of sky and landscape looked like a silver bowl of light.

‘Silver bowl of light’ is a line used in “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall (2005). “Suddenly I See” was suddenly in my stream, where it managed to survive a night of dreams (one about eating chocolate cake) (funny, another dream about eating cake) (what’s that all about?) and into the morning, officially earning the title, “This Morning’s Earworm”.

So, passing it on so that it may escape my mind. Cheers

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