Floofbador (floofinition) – 1. A class of poets who focus their lyrical attempts on writing about animals.

In use: “He wasn’t a floofbador, despite his efforts to create haifloofs.”

2. A person who likes singing to animals.

In use: “Each day, she sat down to be a floofbador by singing opera, immediately drawing the shepherd to her presence, where he anxiously tried looking into her mouth to see what was going on.”

3. A singing animal, particularly of traditional floof songs such as the classic, “Feed Me Now”.

In use: “Every morning, usually at about five thirty, depending on the weather (she wasn’t fond of cold, wind, or precipitation), the neighbor’s little feline floofbador stole in through the pet door, went to the bed, and began her song of desperate hunger, belying her plump appearance.”


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