Floofeks (floofinition) – Race of mutant animals who are bent on destruction.

In use: “The puppy appeared quite normal, but within a few days, he’d destroyed a chair cushion, rolls of toilet paper, and shoes, revealing himself as a floofek. One could almost imagine hearing him repeat, “Destroy, destroy, destroy,” in a brainwashed monotone as he tore through the house.”

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  1. HELP!!! I am living in a household with FIVE Floofeks! Nothing is sacred, nothing is safe! Houseplants … destroyed! Toilet paper … unrolled and shredded … same with paper towels. Clothing … looks like a piece of swiss cheese! Nose … will never be the same again! Chair … stuffing coming out on all sides! Daughter’s band shirt … spattered with blood from floofscratching. What’s next? Be afraid … be very afraid! Sleep with your eyes closed!

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