Floofargy (floofinition) Animal state of indifference.

In use: “The cats heard the noises in the other room, but it was early afternoon, it didn’t seem threatening (and it was in the other room, and it didn’t sound like food might be involved), and they were comfortably napping, so…floofargy winning, the cats stretched their toes, shifted their heads, and resumed their slumber.”

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  1. Mine have floofargy only on occasion, but as a rule, their radar twitches at the slightest sound. Question: Have you ever had one addicted to watching television? Our Boo (Short for Booker T Washington) has suddenly become addicted. During the day, Miss Goose and I don’t turn on the telly, but as soon as daughter Chris comes home from work, she turns it on. Boo can be soundly sleeping upstairs, but as soon as he hears Chris come home, he bounds down the stairs, runs to the t.v. and sits waiting expectantly. If any animal comes on during the evening, he paws the screen, trying (I assume) to get said animal to play with him!

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    1. Wow, tv addiction is a new one for me. Most of my cats have always shown little interest in it, except, hey, what’s that noise, oh, never mind. Playing anything on my laptop does entice Tucker into investigating, and he stays by it as it plays. Go figure.

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      1. Ours had always ignored it too, until just recently when Boo discovered it. Strange! But then, Boo has always loved my laptop and has even sent emails if I was foolish enough to fall asleep or leave the lid up and leave it unattended for a moment. Aren’t they great fun, though?

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