Bon Floofvant

Bon Floofvant (floofinition) – An animal who enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.

In use: “As a rescue who’d survived a few years of hard street life, they catered to her whims and desires, encouraging her to be a bon floofvant.”

2 thoughts on “Bon Floofvant

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  1. That certainly sounds like Misti, the stray formerly called Gallagher. Our friend John pampers Misti, the black and white long-haired beauty.

    Flash would claim that all cats, especially herself, should be pampered as they are all bon floofvants. ~nan

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    1. Many cats agree with Flash and have joined the Society of Feline Bon Floofvants, an organization with a mission for all cats to be treated like bon floofvants. They’re planning an international day of purr, I’m told. They won’t announce the date but claim that we’ll know it when it happens.


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