Floofluid (floofinition) – Able (or willing) to accept different animal species as friends.

In use: “First was the goat, but then came the horse, a rescue from California’s fire-ravaged north. After the goat and horse became friends, they showed how floofluid they were, becoming buddies to a calico cat who stole in and gave birth (and befriending the little kittens), and another rescue, a weary old yellow dog, and then the injured raccoon. Sami didn’t know what to think about her growing collection, but it struck her that something magical seemed to be happening. She began planning a book, The Magic with Animals.”



Floofquest (floofinition) – 1. A housepet’s arduous or determined journey to achieve something or reach or capture an object, such as a red dot on the floor or a buzzing fly. 2. People’s efforts to find a new housepet. 3. Rescuer’s efforts to find and help animals.

In use: “The new young dog discovered treats after he’d arrived in his new home and came out of his shell. Within days, he began a floofquest for treats whenever a human went to the kitchen. And with those big eyes of his and his happy grin, it mostly worked.”

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