Floofstrom (floofinition) – Consuming energy projected by pet behavior and, or, activity.

In use: “The catnip was put down. The dogs watched with wary laziness as the cats meowed and gathered to get some ‘nip. Without warning, a floofstrom erupted as the cats each jealously seized their share and warned others off with snaps, swaps, hisses, and growls.”

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  1. We have daily floofstroms in this household! We learned long ago to put the catnip in separate areas … a small pile here, a small pile there … everyone gets their own little pile of ‘nip … but … Tiger thinks Izzy’s is bigger than hers, so she runs poor Isabella off, and then … Tiger looks around and decides that Boo’s is actually the biggest, so she runs him off, and he, feeling displaced, spots Izzy’s abandoned pile, and … well, you get the picture.

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  2. I just had to share this with you … a few minutes ago, I was working on my Wednesday morning “good people” post, and I was following up on a story that took me to Twitter to check out some responses. One person who responded to the story went by the handle “DaDoofFloofbutt”! I nearly burst out laughing and just had to share it with you!

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