REF (Alt. sp.: R.E.F.) (floofinition) – Really Enthusiastic Floof, sometimes also referenced as Really Energetic Floof, a designation given to social, playful, or overly active housepet.

In use: “Everyone called Reed small, but the hundred pound canine cavorted through the house like a kitten, thundering barks and slobbering love at all hours of the day — and sometimes, at night.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

My head seems to be residing in the 1990s frequently this month. Another nineties staple, Alice in Chains’ song, “Man in the Box” (1991), has appeared in my mental stream.

It happened when I was walking yesterday afternoon. I suspect that it’s the recurrent thoughts/sensations that I often feel trapped in a box coupled with the opening strides of music that prompted the song to enter my stream. I was walking, and the music’s beat and my rhythm matched.

I always considered AIC underrated. After I bought their unplugged album, I told my buddy, “This is a really good album. You should give it a listen.”

He replied, “Dude, it’s Alice in Chains. I mean, no disrespect, but how good could it be?”


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