Floofite (floofinition) – Person who enjoys animals’ company, particularly housepets.

In use: “A floofite as young as three months old, she grew up with two cats, three dogs, goldfish, a cockatoo, parrot, and salamander.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

Today’s song is one of my favorite, recurring rocking walking songs.

“Good Times Roll” is a 1979 hit for The Cars. Although it’s a sarcastic comment on being part of the rock scene, I always apply it to my writing efforts and the muses.

If the illusion is real
Let them give you a ride
If they got thunder appeal
Let them be on your side

Let them leave you up in the air
Let them brush your rock and roll hair
Let the good times roll
Won’t you let the good times roll-oll
Let the good times roll

n/t to Genius.com

I walk away from a writing day feeling pretty good, and think, that was a good write. Let the good times roll. Then the song pops into my head. Its chugging, relaxed beat is good for fast striding, oddly enough.

Yeah, let the good times roll.



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