Floofistry (floofinition) – A housepet’s subtly deceptive reasoning, persuasion, or argumentation, usually conveyed by using big eyes, purring, or soft whining.

In use: “When he got his sandwich, he knew he’d succumb to his pet’s floofistry, so, planning ahead, he made two additional plates with lunch meat on it – one for the cat, and one for the dog.”


Floofper (floofinition) – An embarrassing (and often comical) mistake done by a pet.

In use: “The dog rushed in, tried to stop, and slid across the hardwood floor, crashing into the a bookcase, sending books flying. Ignoring the floofper, he stood off, shook himself off, trotted to the other side of the room and sat down as if nothing had happened.”


Cannafloofbidiol (CFD)

Cannafloofbidiol (CFD) (floofinition) – A chemical reaction induced by talking, petting, or being with animals, useful for reducing people’s anxiety and stress, with end results often said to be similar to ingesting or inhaling CBD.

In use: “She wanted a glass of wine, or even some marijuana to relax, but first Louise had to sit and let her brain empty. As soon as she did, her lab curled up with her. Within minutes of talking to the lab and stroking her fur, the cannafloofbidiol had mellowed Louise to the point that anything else seemed redundant.”


Picking up his computer bag, he called, “I’m off. See you later.”

“Okay,” she replied. “Have a good write.”

Closing the door, he headed out for the street and thought, She turned write into a noun. That isn’t right.

Swinging has bag onto his back, he thought, I hope I have a good write. This week’s been strong with good writes.

Striding down the street and looking up at the sky, he thought, I hope she didn’t jinx me.

Tuesday’s Theme Music

It’s gonna be a hot one out there today, with warnings from the weather services to expect high temps between one hundred and one hundred ten degrees. Yet, the music in my stream is Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble doing “Texas Flood”. Then the oh moment arrived: he died in a plane crash on August 27, 1990.

I was just remembering that amazing talent.

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