Box Floof

Box Floof (floofinition) – A housepet who enjoy climbing into boxes to explore, often remaining them to nap and play.

In use: “Three cats, and yet the five boxes attracted none of them. There wasn’t a box floof among them.”


Misfloofcreant (floofinition) – A housepet who behaves badly or outside of the accepted boundaries.

In use: “Knowing that she’d misbehaved, the furry misfloofcreant sat down and regarded her people with soulful eyes. She knew that the eyes always let her off the hook. They couldn’t resist her eyes.”

I’m Gonna

What I’m gonna do and who I’m gonna beĀ 

keeps slipping away from me like sand between my


Love is a stunted realty, sex is a wistful fantasy

Train wrecks in prolonged slow-


Days whiz by like pee in the night

Time sits by at one side, mocking and laughing at me and my plight

I have no idea how anything


Birds still sing, the sun rises and sets

I could tell you more

but you know the

story changes, rearranges every day and


I think I know what I’m gonna do

like everyday before,

got my coffee, I’m in my seat,

I think I’m gonna



Saturday’s Theme Music

I was being prepped for surgery yesterday (routine and elective, no worries) when I began streaming the 1976 Pablo Cruise song, “Love Will Find A Way”. My specific verse was, “Oh, but it’s all right, once you get past the pain.” See, I was giving myself a little pep talk – “It’ll be fine, once you get past the pain. Yes, you know you’re right, Michael.” The Pablo Cruise song helped distract me.

The surgery didn’t come off. My BP was running 230/131. Too high, they said. It was checked several more times and never dropped.

My wife and I were surprised and baffled. As she put it, “He’s very active, walking almost ten miles a day, and never seems to have a problem.” Off I went to another doctor to address that issue. Heart, lungs, carotids, etc., all sound good, no dizziness, etc. A medicine was prescribed to lower it. We’ll go with the flow and see where it goes.

Meanwhile, a little mellow music.

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