Sunfloof (floofinition) – Animals who enjoy lazing, lounging, or sleeping in pools of sunshine, move with the sun across spaces, or sit with their face to the sun.

In use: “Five cats and three dogs, and all were dedicated sunfloofs, moving across the patio to remain in the sun, as if they’d cease to be without sunshine.”


I know it’s another¬†Princess and the Pea¬†complaint, but don’t you hate it when the ‘net is so slow that you can click a link, go make a cuppa coffee, drink half of it, select new music, peruse the newspaper, and then return to the computer in time to see the page load?

These things always trigger corollary suspicions: is it just my provider, or this location, a flawed router or modem, a computer issue, DDoS attack or virus, the web site, the browser…?

Bah. Too damned spoiled, aren’t I?


Unfloofable (floofinition) – Animal behavior marked by supreme self-confidence, surety, and self-control.

In use: “The ginger boys were in a vet’s office for their check-ups after a thirty minute car ride, but purring and unfloofable, they looked as if they sat on their own porch, surveying their domain.”

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of “Happier” by Marshmello and Bastille (2018). Naturally, my stream sucked it up. It’s on a loop this morning.

The song’s lyrics, though, contain introspective ideas about what it takes to make relationships succeed, and the nuances. They see that the other can be happier than they are, and think about changing themselves – but only for a moment. That leaves us to infer, they can’t or won’t change, and they know it. That’s why, for the one they love to be happier, they need to go away. Most people lack the strength and wherewithal to go through those levels of thinking. They see the other isn’t happy but are too stuck in their own grooves to do anything. Subsequent drift is inevitable until the final breakup is a trainwreck.

Anyway, my pre-coffee thoughts. You know I can’t go deep without coffee. Barely manage to walk straight without the first cuppa.

Several videos except for this song.

This other video, though…well. Pretty sad to watch.

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