Floofgiving (floofinition) – an observance to show affectation and gratitude to housepet(s).

In use: “Every morning when he got up, again when he returned home, and again before going to bed, he showered his pets with kisses, and gave them treats, making everyday Floofgiving in his home.”


7 thoughts on “Floofgiving

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      1. That’s true at my place as well. I’m selfish about it. Making them feel safe, happy, and contented makes me feel safe, happy, and contented. The wonders of a warm furry purry body on or beside me are amazing.

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      2. I heard a long while ago that a cat’s purring actually reduces anxiety! I love when I’m sleeping and they lay on my back and purr. All warm and cozy! And then there are my two sweet puppies that aren’t puppies at all anymore, but they always will be to me! They are absolutely my life! My border collie has gotten to where she tells me when to take my pain meds, if I need to or not. And my little chiweenie is the best comfort you could ever have! She follows me everywhere. They’re my girls ❤️❤️💙💙

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