Flooftibulate (floofinition) – 1. A hidey hole or location, such a corner, where animals like to hide or sleep. In use: “Tucker’s favorite flooftibulate is outside, behind a pillar and under a bush where he can’t be found without hard searching, yet the sun manages to steal in and warm him.” 2. A floof behavior of finding a place to hide. In use: “Though he was a large dog, when guns were fired, a car backfired, or fireworks went off, Conor would flooftibulate, not moving until the noise was done, and he was found and reassured that the world wasn’t ending.” PUBLISHING NOTE. Sorry about the format. Not WYSIWYG, because that’s not how it looked when I was creating it. Had to stop and copy everything into Word and then start over and paste back in because WP once again when into its Autosave freeze.

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  1. Our floofs always flooftibulate UNDER … Under the sofa, under the supply rack at the top of the stairs, under a chair or bed … just UNDER something, anything! Thunder … go under! Fireworks … under. A knock on the door … head under. It gets crowded under the sofa on a stormy day!

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  2. The floofs here all prefer to flooftibulate someplace up/on: on my bed, on the top of the pantry, on the back of the couch, on the shelf overlooking the kitchen window, on the totes where Grace keeps her sewing supplies, on my treadmill (That’s a valid excuse not to exercise, right? “Sorry, can’t — it would disturb the cat.”), on the table next to the window facing the back yard, on the TV stand (but only while the television is in use)… And on the cat trees, of course.

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