Sunday’s Theme Music

It’s Sunday, May 7, 2023, in Ashlandia. Sunrise and sunset are at least fourteen hours apart but rain veils keep sweeping over us, diminishing our enjoyment of the rain, to some degree. Rain provides us with convenient excuses for staying in and reading books, like we ever need an excuse. It’s 55 F now but the weather troops tell us that we might warm up into the mid-sixties today. Rain and cool weather will continue until Friday.

We remain on deathwatch for my Uncle Bill. Dad’s youngest sibling, Bill will be the first of the give siblings to pass. His two female siblings, Jean and Jan, made their way back to Pittsburgh, PA, where Bill lives to see him.

It’s an interesting scenario. Dad was 15 n 1947. Lying about his age, he enlisted in the national guard. Though questions were asked, he was permitted to serve. Tracing matters, I realized that Bill was two years old when Dad left home. He’d never spent significant time with his youngest. Oddly, it’s almost the same with me. I left Mom and my siblings when I was fifteen. The youngest sister had not yet entered school.

I’m ashamed about how little I know about Uncle Bill. I haven’t seen him in forty-five years. His sister told me he was a straight-A student in high school and college. I don’t doubt it. He’s always been personable, friendly, quick with a joke, ready to grin. I knew of his heart problems by the time I graduated high school. Bill never talked about it but I heard again and again that he’d be lucky to live to be middle-aged. Now, after open-heart surgery, a pace maker, and six heart attacks, he awaits death at 79 years old. I’ve seen him drink beer but I’ve never seen him drunk. He loved cars and I often admired cars as his vehicles were often a muscle car.

I don’t know what music he likes. He was never listening to it or talking about it in my presence. He loved baseball, especially the Pittsburgh Pirates. That’s what dominated the radio when he had control. One of my favorite childhood memories revolve around baseball, Dad, and Uncle Bill. The Pirates were in the world series, battling the Yankees. A gorgeous Sunday, we were at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, cleaning the windows and screens, and washing and waxing cars while listening to the game on a transistor radio. The Pirates won that day. Bill was ecstatic.

Dreams drive my music today. They were complicated and dizzying. As I emerged from journaling about them, The Neurons popped Madonna into the morning mental music stream. “Live to Tell” was written for a movie, At Close Range. Released in 1986, the movie starred her husband of the time, Sean Penn. The dream and song connections are detailed and complex. I’m not ready to delve into all that today.

Stay pos. It’s afternoon now — had to go down the road for groceries and things this morning — so I’ve had coffee, thanks, along with breakfast and lunch. Here’s the music. Let Sunday roll. Cheers

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