Floofstack (floofinition) – 1. A pile of animals sleeping or playing together, or animals side by side or nose to tail.

In use: “Colder days brought the animals into a floofstack as they sought warmer spaces, decided other warm bodies weren’t bad, and put aside disagreements in comfort’s name.

2. An accumulation of activities needed to be done that were delayed because of animals.

In use: “Barb had a dozen things she planned to do on the computer but it was like every household animal was given the word, because all of them came in asking her for things and she soon faced a floofstack as other tasks were added.”

3. A list of actions needed to be done for animals.

In use: “With a household full of critters, Stacy and her children had a constant floofstack to work down, beginning with morning feedings and cleaning food and water bowls and refilling them, to walking animals, and cleaning cages and kitty litter boxes.”

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