Wednesday’s Wandering Thought

The little cat, who isn’t little any longer, but is younger than the household’s alpha floof, is called Papi. He’s a ginger character, sweet but quick to put up his claws. He enjoys spiriting out to guard the yard every night. I say night, but he likes going out about 3 AM. Technically it’s still dark morning in my realm. The thing is, he returns every morning at exactly 6:37 AM, rapping on the door to get back in. His punctuality is admirable, but it makes me wonder, is the cat going off to a duty or paid position somewhere, finishing his shift at 6:30 and then returning home?

It seems reasonable…doesn’t it?

New Puzzle

Been a while since we’ve done a jigsaw puzzle in our house. We were doing one a month during 2020. That dropped in 2021, and we only did three in 2022. Part of that is my wife’s eyesight has diminished. She can’t see the pieces well enough, she says, so she sort of drops out of doing them once we find the edges and put them together. That leaves me to do the whole thing, which means more parceling of time. I become almost — almost, I claim — obsessive-compulsive about finishing them.

Anyway, here it is. We acquired it from our local library of things and will take it back there once we’re done. I love its colors and ambiance of a simpler Christmas, although it looks like it was staged in an expensive home! Cheers

Wednesday’s Theme Music

My mischievous Neurons have been busy as a DJ this morning. “Jamie’s Crying” (Van Halen) was first up. Then, “Running with the Devil”. Next, Zucchero with “Diavolo In Me”. Then INX, “Devil Inside”. What the what? I’ve settled now on Grateful Dead with “The Devil Is A Friend of Mine” from 1970.

I don’t know what inspired The Neurons. I recall one short dream and two movie style dreams but nothing else happened at night or yesterday which would make me consciously think, “Say, some music about the devil would sound good right now.” Weird.

Get out your Wednesday best. It’s December 28, 2022. Are you counting down the days or hours until 2023. I’m seeing a lot of posts online about things to do to make your 2023 better. Seems like many think 2022 wasn’t a good year. It had its ebbs and flows for me. These things kept re-balancing the year. I’d say it turned out neither horrible or terrific for me. After all the transactions and their results are tallied, I had an average year. Hope yours was excellent.

Sunshine came in like a cat doing a royal stroll at 7:39, dragging light and warmth with it. We’re 37 degrees F at the moment and expect (drum roll) a 48 F high and maybe some rain. Sunlight will ditch us with its setting at 4:46 this evening.

I hear from weather postings that the wind and rainstorm which we had, product of an atmospheric river, is moving east and causing others issues. Good luck to them.

Stay positive and test negative. I do believe my coffee is ready for a close encounter of the drinking kind. Here’s the Dead. Cheers

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